Angelina Jolie’s Health Rumors: She is Not Mentally Stable After Getting Divorced from Brad Pitt?


    Angelina Jolie is well and good. She is not suffering from any disease or mental breakdown. Many rumors are now broken with the truth.

    Gossips That Spread Regarding Angelina Jolie’s Health

    Gossips came out that Angelina Jolie is suffering from severe health disease that includes bone disease. Also, rumors were spreading that she is not mentally stable after getting divorced from Brad Pitt. And was also fighting a custody battle with Brad Pitt. This lead to her mental breakdown and bone disease.

    Rumors were also coming that she has started a hunger strike. And is not in taking any vitamins and minerals. She has refused to doctors to give her any medicine or food. She also asked doctors to support her in a hunger strike. So that she will get the custody of Maddox. She is not having her food and will die starving. She will die soon if this happens long.

    Rumors were also spreading that she is suffering from depression when she found out that Brad Pitt is having relations with his co-stars. Gossips were surrounded by Brad Pitt that Angelina Jolie doesn’t want to have a divorce. But Brad Pitt wants to try other woman and is bored with Angelina Jolie.

    Actual Story: Where Is Angelina Now?

    Though she was focusing on her work after getting divorced. And was fighting to keep her son with her. And gossip cop made this a huge fake story. She wants to keep her son Maddox with her. As he took her side on the divorce.

    She is absolutely fine. And focusing on her work in Mexico.