Annabelle vs Child’s Play: The battle continues as both are set to release in June


    Horror movie fans are in for a treat because the list of movies releasing this year includes Annabelle Comes Home and Child’s Play.

    The final chapter of the Annabelle series is all set to be released in June this year. The evil doll has escaped from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s ‘Room of Occult Objects’ and awakened the other spirits in the room. The story focuses on their ten-year-old daughter, Judy and her friends who are being haunted by the doll. A new trailer was released this week which shows what Annabelle’s motive is.

    Child’s Play is back with another story and the hauntingly scary Buddy doll, Chucky. The story focuses on a boy, Andy, whose mother gifts him a baby but soon finds out it is more than just a toy. Andy unites with the neighborhood children to stop the doll from destroying their lives. This movie is set to release in June as well.

    Both stories focus on children who are being haunted by dolls. Although Chucky the murderous doll scares just about anybody who watches the movie, Annabelle has an extra edge because it is based on the story of a real-life doll possessed by a demon using the baby as a conduit.

    While Chucky has numerous stories and families that he haunts as he gets passed around, Annabelle has the world’s favorite demonologist couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren on her case. The stories are both different and have heart-stopping moments; the dolls are scary in their way.

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    Chucky depends on his toolbox for his powers and weird magic and voodoo to wreak havoc and spread evil, Annabelle is the evil entity who doesn’t need any tool. Her skills include telekinesis, manipulation, mind control, and various other powers.

    If the box office debate was brought into this battle, Annabelle is the winner. While Chucky manages to scare the audience with is toolbox and murderous intent, Annabelle terrifies the viewers with her powers. The fact that the doll exists acts as a plus point. Annabelle has earned $557 million in the box office whereas Chucky has earned $250 million.

    James Wan, famous for the production and direction of the Conjuring franchise, which includes the Annabelle franchise, is the executive producer of the movie, which is a plus point given his skills with horror movies. The first part of Conjuring is enough proof that he is fantastic with this genre.

    The star cast of Chucky includes Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill, as the voice of Chucky. The cast of Annabelle Comes Home includes Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the role of Lorraine and Ed Warren respectively. McKenna Grace takes on the part of their child who is being haunted.

    Image result for chucky 2019Who will win the battle this time? Well, you can judge for yourselves this weekend because they are both releasing on the 21st of June in theaters near you. Although you should keep in mind to watch the first two Annabelle movies to enjoy the third, let us know which video you think will reign in the box office and scare the viewers.