Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Actually Splitting Up After 14 years of Relationship?


    Break up between couples is not new, but when it comes to the favorite couple, it is indeed very doubtful. Recently one tabloid published an article saying that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher broke up. The couple has two kids named Isabelle and Portwood which the tabloid claimed that are going to live with Mila.

    First, all of the fans got heartbroken after hearing this sad news as the couple happily married in 2015 and they both shares a strong bond. The truth Through a video where both Mila and Ashton were sitting in the car, they sarcastically took it all by joking around.

    They say really “it’s over between us” we didn’t know that.
    “Kids are living with you? Wow”
    “You (Mila) have dark secrets? Tell me about them.”
    They both were shocked and were laughing and cheering up the tabloid to have a good sell remaining this all as a rumor.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Break up or Rumour?

    Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Actually Splitting Up After 14 years of Relationship?

    Well, after this conversation on the video they made, it is very clear that they both still live happily together, and even if they had some misunderstandings, they are not apart.

    But some fans are still confused and are saying it as a publicity stunt to gain attention from fans. Many even said brutally that they must have broken up already but just playing a prank.

    Whereas many fans are relieved that they both are together.
    Dating life They both met at the set “that 70’s show” where they both were playing the characters of a high school couple. Mila was 14 at that time and lied to the team that she is 18, but later when everyone discovered about the truth they were all impressed by her talent, and thus a lie helped them to meet.

    In 1998 on the set of the show they had their first kiss and Mila confessed that she had a crush on Ashton that time as he was cute and the model of Calvin Klien.

    But the relationship was not developed as such a romantic one because of the age difference. After season 7 Ashton left the show, and Mila was not in close contact with her. It was just like, “how are you?” N all.

    Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Actually Splitting Up After 14 years of Relationship?

    In 2005 when Ashton married Demi Moore, and Mila was in a special relationship with Macaulay Culkin. Everything seems to be like over like the crush part etc.
    In 2011 Ashton declared divorce with Demi and Mila also broke up with early 2012 they both unite in the 69th Golden Globe awards.
    She said in an interview that when she saw him from the back, she was like wow what a warm personality, but he turned it was like I know him since forever.

    Then Ashton invited her to her housewarming party where they both end up kissing each other and then later started meeting and then moved in together.
    In 2014 she gave birth to Isabelle and 2015 they both were married happily.

    This couple is meant to be together as it took them 14 years to realize the fact they are the best for each other. Now, after knowing how it all began, we surely can get to the idea that they both are together and are not planning any breakup.