Are Taron Egerton & Colin Firth returning in Kingsman 3 The Great Game


    The third installment of the overwhelming R-Rated franchise, The Kingsman is on the go, and it is titled as Kingsman: The Great Game. The director-producer Matthew Vaughan said that the film would serve as a prequel for the Kingsman movies.

    Matthew Vaughan back in 2018 said the prequel would take place somewhere in the 1900s and it will be on production along with the third regular Kingsman movie. In September 2018 Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson were tabbed to start the film.

    Ralph Fiennes

    Mathew Vaughan recently told that this prequel would be fantastic and people will love to see more of Kingsman movies. While addressing The Playlist, Vaughan said, “People will either freak out in a good way, or freak out in a bad way, but they will freak out. You can expect the unexpected is all I’ll say… we’re literally finishing the script off as I speak — but they go on a journey that, if anyone sees it coming, then I’ll give up.”

    Here’s another bizarre news rolling up. The movie wouldn’t be called The Great Game despite it is used as a working title. Vaughan confirmed that fans are obviously getting The Great Game but not The Great Game. What’s on your mind, Vaughan!

    Harris Dickinson

    Vaughan even mentioned that they had wrapped the production and they are self-assured that it will be a great movie and yeah everyone connected with the film are excited about. We are also excited, aren’t we? He’s even cocksure that if people loved these upcoming movies, there are evidently two more comings.

    There is another thing that Kingsman fans are eager to learn about. Are Taron Egerton & Colin Firth returning to reprise their roles as Eggsy and Harry Hart? Well, we can answer only the half of this question i.e whether Taron Egerton would be returning or not. And the answer is he won’t.

    This is because Kingsman 3 The Great Game is a prequel, the event of the movie will take place before Eggsy is born therefore it is highly unlikely that he would be reprising his role. And as for Colin Firth, there are rumors that he would be coming back as Harry Hart in Kingsman 3 but nothing is certain until there is an official announcement

    Kingsman: The Great Game (possibly) is coming at theaters near you on 14 February 2020.