Are they the PERFECT couple goals? David and Victoria Beckham


    David Beckham does not need an introduction. He is the hero of every football fan. This Manchester United super player dominated the football world for an extended period. He was one of the best midfielders the football world had.

    This famous footballer has a pretty exciting love story too. His love life is also as exciting as his football career.

    Who’s Victoria?

    Victoria Adams is an English businesswoman, a singer, and a fashion designer. She became hugely popular after her all-girls band Spice Girls. She was known as the “Posh Spice” girl.  To her glory of fame, she also has 10 UK singles album in her name.

    How They Met

    David and Victoria’s love story is nonetheless a fairy tale. David first met Victoria in one of his Manchester United matches in 1997. These two famous personalities gained instant media attention.

    The Beginning of a New Journey

    David did not waste a lot of time and proposed his lady love in 1998 at a restaurant in Chestnut. They announced their engagement the same year.

    Posh and Becks

    Yes, they were adored by everyone in the world. These two cute nicknames were given to them by the media. Posh and Becks got married at a very young age.


    They got married on 4 July 1999 in Ireland. They chose Brooklyn, their four months old son to be the ring bearer at the wedding ceremony.

    Fashion Icons

    These two are not only talked about for their professional success, but they are admired for their great sense of fashion. Both of them look extraordinarily stylish and carry every outfit with utmost panache. David’s constant change of hairstyle surely made quite news.

    The Growing Family

    David and Victoria have four children, including Brooklyn. Their second son Romeo was born in 2002 and third son Cruz was born in 2005. They gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they named Harper Seven in 2011. This baby is already famous for being a fashionista at such an early age.

    Public Appearances

    They make numerous public appearances as they attend many famous events together. Both of them were presented at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

    However, Victoria has been receiving a negative response for not attending the Spice Girls concert instead of going for the Sergio Ramos’ wedding.