Are Zendaya and Harry Styles really acting in the Disney’s Little mermaid?


    Seeing how Zendaya definitely does not lack in the singing department, she definitely has what it takes to be the favorite daughter of King Tristan.
    However, playing Ariel is not a piece of cake, which would definitely give her a lot of competition vying for the role.

    When asked about whether she was playing the role of the redheaded underwater princess for Disney’s Little Mermaid, Zendaya Coleman denied all rumors arguing that they are just that, rumors. Nevertheless, when asked if she would want to do it, she said, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”. That came as a relief as even though she is not doing the role as of now, there is still scope for the future.

    Are Zendaya and Harry Styles really acting in the Disney's Little mermaid?
    But all this was a while back! What we cannot assume is what changed from then and now? Zendaya might have got a call for this role now. We can only speculate until the official confirmation of the cast comes.

    With this Little Mermaid being a remake after almost three decades, Disney has put a spotlight on this project.

    Are Zendaya and Harry Styles really acting in the Disney's Little mermaid?
    What we can expect are real huge fan following, extremely high sales and probably a little bit of heartache seeing how it’s Little Mermaid after all.
    While we keep the Zendaya casting as Ariel rumor aside, another huge rumor (or not?) might have hit the Disney entertainment industry.

    Harry Styles, yeah, the same one from one direction (seriously? how many other Harry Styles are there?) might have a link to this Little Mermaid film.
    Rumor has it that Harry Styles will be casting as Prince Eric who steals Ariel’s heart. Even though we do not have any official confirmation of this, we speculate it too much. Though you cannot blame me as Harry is perfect for Prince charming just as Zendaya is perfect for Ariel!

    Harry Styles really acting in the Disney's Little mermaid?
    Another interesting thing here is Noah Centineo might also be competing for Prince Eric’s role alongside Harry Styles. We do not know who would win the war so far!

    Though at the present both Styles and Coleman are present with their own hectic schedules involving film productions and music albums, they might clear out chunks of their schedule for the Little Mermaid.

    That is assuming they have been asked to do their respective roles of course!