Ariana Grande, break down at a concert! Let’s see what actually happened!?


    Ariana Grande pays tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who died last year due to the overdose of drugs.

    Ariana and Miller dated for two years and ended their relationship in 2018. The American popular singer, recently broke down while singing at the concert, while paying tribute to her  late ex boyfriend at a concert held at Pittsburgh. It’s the rapper’s hometown. The international singer found many ways to pay tribute to the American rapper Mac Miller. The concert began with the song Raindrops (an Angel Cried) which is said to be about her relationship with Mac. She also got upset while singing this song and couldn’t complete it well. Before the concert started there were songs playing of Miller. She couldn’t hold her tears as she sang ‘Thank u, next’ and then broke down while saying the next line to reference to Miller, Wish I could say thank u to Malcolm ‘ ‘Cause he was an angel.’
    She struggled there to complete the song, and quickly her fans helped her to eventually complete the song.

    According to E! News, she also  echoed with the late rappers tracks.  Ariana’s Sweetener Tour was held in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night and it was quite obvious, how difficult it would have been for her to perform at her ex-boyfriend’s city, where she was performing”Thank u Next.”

    Mac Miller was an American rapper and singer who died last year in the month of September 2018 at the very young age of 26 due to overdose of drugs.