Arrested for Trashing Boyfriend’s House-Contestant of Miss Hooters Tennessee


    Shocking news to all. One of the top five contestants of Miss Hooters Tenessee was arrested for trashing her boyfriend’s house.

    What Is It All About?

    Madison Rogers is one of the top five contestants of the show Miss Hooters Tennesse. According to reports, the 21-year-old woman was charged with burglary and vandalism. Her activities have been caught in the security footage. She destroyed and devastated the home after her boyfriend broke up with her on the same morning.

    Rogers was in all fury and rage after her break up with her beloved. She could not take this news, and she blew herself into this fierce outburst.


    It is alleged that Rogers, the participant of Miss Hooters, pounded on the front door of her boyfriend’s house and then attacked him directly. Her boyfriend tried to keep his calm and carried her outside.

    However, the story does not end here. To her boyfriend’s surprise, Rogers asked him to examine the upstairs. Once he was upstairs, he found that his bedroom, bathroom, and closet were all destroyed.


    Madison Rogers was booked on charges for felony burglary and vandalism. She was later released on a bond of 5000$.

    Miss Hooters

    Rogers secured her position among the top five contestants in Miss Hooters. The Tennesse pageant was held in April. She posted on her Instagram and shared her moment of joy and celebration saying- ” Hooters pageant 2019! Top 5, Woohoo! Thank you to everyone who showed love and support.What a great time!”


    It is still hard to believe what Rogers has done to her self. She was rising to fame, but her reputation is completely damaged now. Although she has been released on a bond from Nashville Jail, her next session on the court is on July 10.

    Reasons for Breakup

    The reason behind this duo’s breakup is still unknown. Even the victim’s name is not known. He only said to the police that he broke up with Madison after a two years relationship. Her outrageous behavior forced him to call 911.