Asa Butterfield is back with Sex Education Season 2: Release Date, Rumors and More


    Netflix’s risque comedy-drama Sex Education is coming back for another outing with Season 2, raking in the plaudits from critics and viewers alike for its empathetic portrayal of the teenage struggle.

    The show’s first season proved to be a massive success for the streaming platform, reaching nearly, as per the Hollywood Reporter, 40 million households cumulatively during its eight-episode run.

    Netflix has ensured fans that the show’s ensemble is on-board to return, with Asa Butterfield back as protagonist Otis Milburn, and Gillian Anderson is starring as Otis’ mother, Jean. Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey too will reprise their roles as Eric and Maeve, respectively.

    Credit: Netflix

    Season 2 will consist of, much like the first season, eight episodes which have already begun filming and are set to continue production through the summer, with a likely release date of either the holiday season or the early months of 2020, though this is simply conjectured from the industry, as Netflix has kept a tight lid on any official dates currently.

    Details about the plot of Season 2, on the other hand, is something that the creators of Sex Education have been forthcoming about.

    Writer Laurie Nunn has confirmed that Season 2 will continue to emphasize Otis’ personal journey as its unwavering primary focus, while a significant proportion of screen-time will also be dedicated to blossoming the relationships that’d been hinted at during the previous season, including the connection that fostered between Adam and Eric. And though she has addressed fan theories in the past, Nunn has refused to discuss whether a relationship between Maeve and Otis, an idea that dedicated viewers of the show have certainly been open toward since the conclusion of the first series left it at a cliffhanger, might become a possibility come Season 2.

    The first season of Sex Education can be streamed on Netflix.