Assassin’s Creed Kingdom: All new Setting, Release Date and More.


    Ubisoft, the company behind the AC series, will continue to focus on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which is to update the content of the game. After this, the gaming giant will focus solely on the new AC project.

    Currently, the new game is being developed under the name ‘Assassin’s Creed Kingdom.’ This could be a mere code name given to the game. So the name will change after the official announcement of the game.

    Assassin's Creed Kingdom: New Setting, Release Date and More.

    The new AC is said to be developed primarily by Ubisoft Montreal. It’s Creative Director is Ashraf and Narrative Director is Darby McDevvit.

    Talk about the new AC started when players in Division 2 found an Easter egg in the form of a poster. The poster depicted a Norse god dressed in red and white colored cloth. He was holding something which appeared to be an Apple of Eden artifact from the games.

    Assassin's Creed Kingdom: New Setting, Release Date and More.

    This gave a spark to a new setting. From this fans are speculating that the new game will not be of the story based on Roam setting but of Viking.

    It is also rumored that the game’s map is split into several kingdoms. These domain is encompassing all of Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. These terrains are split into regions that can hold settlements.

    Most likely the fans have to wait for another year to experience this epic game and we hope the new setting will be a real deal in the AC series.