Attack on Titan Season 3 Revealed Who was The Smiling Titan That Killed Eren’s Mother. Indeed A Surprising Revelation.


    The dark fantasy, Attack on Titan is now steaming with its third season, and the one who is missing it will be left without some significant goals. The plot has veiled many mysteries under it, and slowly they are coming out and mostly in the current season only. A recent episode turned out to be a shocking one when viewers found out the killer of Eren Jaeger’s mother, Carla Jaeger.

    Grisha’s Past

    With season three the creators of the series decided to dig into the Grisha Jaeger’ past. Not only the culprit but the whole past of Grisha stunned everyone. As the history opened up, we got to know that in real Grisha is from land just outside of the Eren’s wall. He also had a family there.

    Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Grisha Jaeger, Carla Jaeger. Image Credit: Zerochan
    Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Grisha Jaeger, Carla Jaeger. Image Credit: Zerochan

    The family about which we are talking is Grisha’s first wife, Dina Fritz to whom he met in Marley. Marley is the nation that has a complicated history concerning the Eldian race. Later, they joined a rebellion to save their fellow Eldians. Afterward, we see the marriage uniting of Grisha and Dina.

    But unfortunately, the couple was handed over to the police by their only son, and that is after several years. Later, they found themselves in Paradis for punishment. An order of turning into Titans was served to them for their crimes. As Dina received the alteration first, she turns out to be a Smiling Titan. Fortunately, Grisha survives from the transformation process. After wandering around the barren land as a Titan, she found a place in Wall Maria with the help of Colossal Titan.

    Attack on Titan: Who Killed Eren’s Mother?

    Dina Fritz, Image Credit: Instagram
    Dina Fritz, Image Credit: Instagram

    All we know before this revelation was that a Smiling Titan was the murderer of Carla. Now, you get the hint that the Smiling Titan was none other than Grisha’s first wife Dina who brutally finished the business.

    The part 2 of Attack on Titan season 3 is streaming weekly on Hulu, Funimation and Crunchy Roll.