Attack On Titans New Titans Power Revealed and Reddit Users are baffling Up


    Attack On Titans come under the list of animes whose buzz never dies down. The show is now on its second part of the third season. The anime has now revealed a strange power of the Titans, and it is amazing. The season will not end without giving us exceptional spoilers to mess with our head.


    The episode starts with showing us Grisha Jaeger’s past where the previous episode left off. We get to see how Grisha survived the demise of the Eldia Restorationists and was tasked by The Owl to steal the coordinate titan from the master of all titan. The storyline represents the special connection between the host and the Titan.

    The fascinating thing about this episode is the connection of memories. Eren Yeager is connected to Grisha’s past and consequently connected to Eren Krugers past. This shows that the previous host of the Titan shares memories with the other hosts and the jaw-dropping thing to think is that special host of the past can see the memories of the future host. This is a big revelation as AOT fans are already theorizing about this.

    Before Grisia was injected with Titan serum, Kruger instructed her that he needs to build a family inside the wall. He says that if that does not happen, then, the history will repeat itself. The crucial moment comes when he starts saying things that she should not know, such as: “To save Mikasa, Armin, and everyone else, you must see it through.”


    If the special host of the past can see the memories of the future host, then could it mean that the present one is just making moves like a chess piece? What is everything that happens is already planned, and who will die is already planned too? This turns the knowledge of Titans we have soo far upside down.