Aubrey Plaza licks Stephen Colbert at Catwoman auditions!


    Legion Aubrey Plaza had an unofficial audition for the Catwoman’s role in The Late Show. Though Plaza claims this role is not exactly what she thinks of every day, it looks like she wants to play this role.

    If her previous interviews do not give us a hint of her devotion to the role, then The Late Show incident does.
    When she first told Stephen Colbert that she feels like there’s no point trying for the Catwoman role as she was sure of not getting it, Cold persuaded her to audition for it right there, in the show.

    Aubrey was given a few cat props like cat ears, a cat toy, and a water bowl. She was then coaxed into giving her best shot at the role.

    Plaza showed here devotion for the role by showing her feline characteristics. She even took it as far as climbing up onto Colbert’s desk, clawing at his face.
    She might have gone overboard by licking his face like a good cat, much to the Host’s delight after yapping(or whatever a cat does) at the water. Many found her display of feline features rather amusing, and we do not know how Matt Reeves would react.

    Although Reeves has already decided on some of the cast for his film Batman like the infamous Robert Pattinson as the new Batman, we are not sure of the other cast yet. Rumors say that Warner Bros is looking for an actor to play the Catwoman, in a negative role for this film. Plaza gave her best case for this role.

    Aubrey Plaza licks Stephen Colbert at Catwoman auditions!

    Batman will be reportedly set during the early days of Batman in the Gotham city. Although WB has not claimed to want a Catwoman role to appear in the Batman, fans are already rooting for who plays who for this film.

    Seeing how Twilight’s Pattinson plays the caped crusader role, the speculations for the female actors alongside him are quite many. Some include Kristen Stewart, for obvious reasons and Vanessa Hudgens.

    If we take what Reeves says to be true, the Batman will not adapt to any specific Comic. We also can safely assume The Penguin, most possibly played by Josh Gad, will make the villain or one of the villains.

    If another of the villains would be Catwoman, Child’s Play fame, Aubrey Plaza had made it quite clear that she definitely wouldn’t mind playing it when she professed her love for Halle Berry’s role.

    Although we yet have to see if Reeves and WB are impressed with Plaza’s display, what we can confirm is Aubrey’s commitment towards the role. It might not be long before we see as the Catwoman, if not in this movie, another.