Aubrey Plaza Wore a Knife Clip on “Child’s Play” Red Carpet


    Aubrey Plaza is an actress, producer, and comedian with a quirky sense of humor draws a fair amount of attention on the red carpet of the horror flick Child’s Play. With a beautiful floral dress, green heels and a knife shaped hair clip sure makes a statement. A murdering doll called Chucky haunts Plaza, who plays Karen Barclay in the 2019 remake of the famous 1988 film Child’s Play.

    Plaza, who gained further recognition for her role in NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, definitely played homage to the ruthless and bloodthirsty doll. It should be noted that what is most striking about her is the drastic contrast of her floral printed dress. It is a rather colorful dress with a “Chucky” knife as a hair ornament. The strategic placement above her ear seems like the perfect angle for knife shaped clip, that is for sure.

    The LA hairstylist, Clayton Hawkins told the Popsugar, “Aubrey is so funny and a comedic icon, but she’s also classically beautiful. I always try to find the middle ground with her where it’s not just campy or boring beauty. Two weeks ago, when I was thinking about the Child’s Play premiere, I was like ‘OMG, what if I did a classic Hollywood blowout and had a tiny knife behind her ear?'”

    He found what he was looking for in Vinca Chef Hair Clip and showed it Plaza who was absolutely game with it.