Ava Phillippe subtly shuts down comments saying her boyfriend looks like her father


    Ava has been always complimented on the fact that she is a mirroring image of her mother. Her 15-year-old brother, Deacon, also resembles his parents in terms of look. And it’s nice when people point out how you resemble your parents in terms of looks.


    But things went a little bit differently when the daughter of Reeses Whitherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, introduced her boyfriend to social media.

    Ava Phillippe recently uploaded some pictures of her and her boyfriend. In the picture, Ava and her boyfriend are seen snuggling at a Cinespia event, held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. But things became a little awkward when Ava’s followers started pointing out the resemblance between her beau and her father, Ryan Phillippe.


    “He looks exactly like her dad,” a comment read.

    “Is it just me or does her new beau have a little bit of Ryan in him?”, another fan said.

    “I’m sure she LOVES getting told her boyfriend looks like a young version of her dad ?,” another user posted.

    After this outlandish comparisons went on for a while, Ava decided to respond to the increasingly awkward situation. After a fan commented, “He does not look like your dad,” Ava replied saying “big thx,” subtly shutting down the comments.

    Reese Whitherspoon herself commented on the pictures. She didn’t address the bizarre comparisons. She just posted three emojis: a palm tree, starlight, and a heart to be exact. Actress Mindy Kaling also joined in. She wrote, “These pics should include a summer clothing campaign. I would buy it all.”