Avengers Assemble for Avengers: A-day at E3, every detail you need to know


    2020, What a year to be alive! Especially when we see Avengers A-Day launch at the E3 this year. Our favorite superheroes, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and Ant-man all make an appearance at this fantastic event.

    Avengers: A-day

    The golden age of gaming:

    We, MCU fans, are so happy to hear that there is finally a game coming out based on most of our childhood. Not only does it look awesome but also it gives you a charming vibe by looking at the pristine graphics the team has worked hard and made.

    The trailer for Avengers: A-day unveiled at the E3, and by far the people seems to go crazy over it. The trailer goes on like there is a grave danger that the Avengers need to avoid. To defeat the evil forces, the Avengers need to assemble.

    Every Marvel fan was delighted to watch the game unveil before their eyes. Avengers: A-day is expected to launch next year in May 2020. There were so many who wished they had the time stone to make time go faster, to buy the game.

    Avengers game

    Control every avenger with ease:

    The creation of the game is so unique that it immerses the player straight into a pool of action-packed spine-chilling adventure. On top of that, every player is controllable by the player right from the start. That eliminates all chances of a boring game to the people.

    It is official that Avengers: A-day will be available for PlayStation and X Box gaming consoles. All the movies of our lovely Avengers were exhilarating but now imagine you get to control them too. The game is most expected to launch next year in May of 2020.