“Avengers Game” is all set to Release; But Fans are Furious, Explained.


    Recently, a trailer was dropped about Avengers upcoming game, but it received a mixed review about its characters’ look.

    The game was teased a couple of years back, but it looks like it does not follow the original idea it intends to. The original plan was to show that the Avengers have been disbanded and from there on the story follows.

    But in the new trailer, we saw Avengers Day is being celebrated, and then mishap happens. All Avengers must stop this so that there is no further damage.

    The much-awaited game received mixed reviews based on its characters. They are not the same, which we saw in the movies. No comments have been officially passed regarding why such a step was taken.

    "Avengers Game" is all set to Release; But Fans are Furious, Explained.

    The costume of Captain America in the trailer looks bulky and frankly speaking, the one in the movie was much better. Speaking of Thor, it seems his costume draws inspiration from Romans. As of Iron Man suit, it looks some older version of from the movie.

    This has left the fans; furious as the characters do not draw inspiration from the much loved and successful MCU movies. Seeing such response, lead creative director Shaun Escavg at Crystal Dynamics made his stand. He said no character would be redesigned in the game.


    But it was confirmed that further details would be added to the characters. They will undergo some more edits and polishing before the game is officially released. The game is set to release on 15th May 2020, on platforms like Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One