Avengers Vs Avatar : Boxoffice War, Who wins?


    The fight is almost over. One of the most epic cinematic Saga is at an end. As Avengers: Endgame draws its final breath in the box office cycle, will it ultimately defeat Avatar from the number one spot?

    The Marvel Epic, as expected, shattered every opening weekend record in the history of Box office collections opening with $1.2 billion worldwide and $350 million domestically.

    The Infinity Saga which started with Iron Man(2008) made only a meager 58 million as compared to the Endgame which earned an astounding 2.73 bill at the international ticket windows. The film that has broken more records than you can imagine doesn’t look like it will break the biggest one of all- to claim the number one spot after dethroning James Cameron’s Avatar($2.78 worldwide).

    Before the release of Endgame, there were talks of how it could trounce Avatar as the number one movie. There were some people who scoffed at the idea but were soon discouraged after a massive record opening but even so, it has failed to come near STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’ $937 mil domestic total. But to be fair, Endgame was followed by movies like Detective Pikachu, Alladin and John Wick- movies that put up a tough fight at the box office.

    Credit:- News18

    However, there might still be hope for Avenger’s Endgame to become number one. James Cameron’s 2010 Avatar re-release added an extra $10.74 million at the domestic box office and $ 22.46 million overseas, giving it a total boost of $33.2 million.

    Many feel that such a move will tremendously increase their box office collections with some arduous fans already beginning to buy repeat tickets to push it over the edge. International fans seem to be in the game too, all Marvel needs to do is a big marketing campaign and finish the battle.

    That being said, the success of its box office collections indicates the film’s popularity and cultural impact. It shows how franchises can grow and take shape as compared to other successful and not-so-successful ones.

    So what do you think there is still hope for Avengers: Endgame? Will it finally triumph over Avatar?