Bachelor In Paradise might shock fans in its new season, as per reports


    Bachelor in Paradise is already making waves with its contestants even before it has aired. It is believed that Blake Horstmann, a former Bachelorette, shall appear on the show. Fans are in for a surprise as Horstmann might shed his “good guy” image on Paradise.

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    Blake Horstmann, who appeared on The Bachelorette in Becca Kufrin’s season, is a fan favourite. Horstmann wore his heart on his sleeve and was turned down by Kufrin. So, fans are excited about his prospect of finding love on Bachelor In Paradise.

    However, fans may yet be shocked with Horstmann’s possible change of persona. Steve Carbone, a reality TV blogger, shared the details on his show, Reality Steve. As per Reality Steve, Horstmann engages in a love triangle on Bachelor In Paradise.

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    The trouble started when Horstmann got his first date card. Horstmann asks Tayshia Adams out on a date. Adams was a contestant in Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

    Horstmann soon has a change of heart after Kristina Shulman arrives on Bachelor in Paradise.Shulman asks Horstmann out on a date to which he assents.

    It is reported that Horstmann and Shulman had a brief relationship, earlier. So, her arrival and their subsequent date resulted in drama on Bachelor In Paradise. ” Either when Blake is on his date with Kristina or when he returns, that’s when the sh-t hits the fan,” Carbone wrote.

    Horstmann also hung out with Tayshia Adams before Bachelor In Paradise. As per Reality Steve, although it “wasn’t a date”, Horstmann met up with Adams after texting her on Instagram. Horstmann also hooked up with Caleynn Miller-Keyes. Miller Keyes is also set to appear on Paradise.

    Horstmann’s dalliance with the ladies didn’t stop there. Horstmann also reportedly slept with Shulman the night after he met up with Miller Keyes. Bachelor In Paradise is yet to be aired, so none of Steve’s claims have been confirmed.