Bat and Cat are Back: Batman #75 Releasing Soon


    The world first met Batman in May 1939 in the 10¢ 27th issue of Detective Comics. The cover shows him in a gleaming silver bodysuit, a black face-mask (with matching underwear), a gold belt at his waist and his impressive veined wings outspread. He is in flight, holding a dazed man in vibrant clothes. This superhero Batman’s “amazing and unique adventures” turned out to be completely engrossing, resulting in widespread popularity and an eponymous series of comics by DC that will drop its 75th issue on July 17 this year.


    The upcoming issue is titled City of Bane and it focuses on the reunion of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). These two have always had a complicated on-and-off love-hate relationship, an amicable working partnership and a common nemesis: Bane. In Batman #50, Bruce and Selina were to be married, but the event took an unexpected turn when Selina did not show. It is eventually discovered that this scheme was orchestrated by Bane in order to emotionally devastate Wayne.

    Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne’s love interest

    The dejected superhero must pull himself together, take stock of his strengths and keep doing what he does. Selina does the same: she moves away and has some adventures of her own that you can read about in the Catwoman series. Ultimately, they find each other again and have a chance to reconsider and reevaluate their relationship.

    Bane, the antagonist

    The King Speaks

    Tom King, the author of the comics, was interviewed this May by Russ Burlingame for He made a striking remark about Bruce Wayne’s nature: “It’s [his] anger that invokes this thing of pushing people away, and I think that comes naturally from a guy who lost his parents and draws strength from that loss. To him, that willpower, that ultimate strength, comes from being alone, right?”

    Bruce Wayne as Batman

    Better swoop down on your nearest bookstore and grab your copy next month!