Battle Zone- PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty- Who’s the best? Watch out


    For a game freak, it’s nothing new about PUBG or Call of Duty. Both these games are extremely popular and their popularity is increasing day by day. People all over the world are hooked to these mind-blowing games. The gaming industry is dominated by these two entertaining games.

    Mobile Version

    Activision announced at the beginning of the year about their latest venture with Call of Duty. They made it official that they are going to release a mobile version for smartphones named Call of Duty Mobile. Last week the beta version of Call of Duty went live.

    Let’s Compare

    Now it’s really difficult to compare the two most popular games. However, there are some differences found between both the games.


    PUBG has the most captivating visuals ever made. The players who have played the game extensively have undoubtedly experienced the visual quality of the game. Players had plenty of surprise in store for them.

    But the visuals of Call of Duty is top notch. Its details are so perfect that it is comparable to PC levels. The smartphone screen turns into a PC monitor even if the game is running on 60FPS capable.

    Quality of Game

    Undoubtedly, Call of Duty has brilliant gameplay elements. The elements are easily understood and players get a much better experience than PUBG. The new game of Call of Duty has been highly inspired by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Players can have a hit detector which is a new feature in the game.

    PUBG still does contain these added features which certainly makes Call of Duty much bigger and better in terms of experience.

    New Feature

    Call of Duty has multiple player modes where players can take on each other. Battle Royale is another exciting element added to the game. This mode offers plenty of scope than PUBG with its zombies and helicopters.

    Call of Duty also has in its house in-game content such as items and skin which are absent in PUBG.

    Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

    So, clearly, we can see the mobile version of Call of Duty offers a much thrilling experience to the players. However, even with this new game, the popularity of PUBG mobile is never going to decrease. These two are surely going to have a tough battle ahead.