Bella Thorne Reaction on Tana Mongeau Engagement With Jake Paul?.


    Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau, and Jake Paul seem to be like in a love triangle.
    Recently in February, Bella and Tana announced their break up and later on Tana’s birthday Bella posted a picture with her on her account wishing her wishes and confessing her love.

    Full name of Bella Thorne is  Annabell Avery Thorne is an American actress, model, and a YouTuber, Bella is also known for her bold shoots.

    Whereas Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul both are YouTuber and a Rapper.

    What is the Relationship between Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau?

    What is the Relationship between Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau?

    They were in a relationship since September 2017, and in 2016 they announced that they both are bisexual.
    They shared a very intense and open relationship with each other.
    On their social media accounts, they shared many intense pictures like kissing, making out, etc.

    In February 2019 they both broke up and later Tana declared her relationship with Jake.
    Reaction on Tana and Jake engagement
    Fans are not at all shocked about the news, but Bella shared her sad close-ups on her account telling everyone how unhappy she is plus she gives wishes to them.

    It all seems to be like that Tana is not bisexual, and maybe she was just confused about the thing. Tana and Jake do gain lots of love from the fans.

    Tana Mongeau Engagement With Jake Paul

    The act done by Bella shows her sadness by the fact of them getting engaged and also her love that she still does to Tana.

    Jake and Tana expressed their happiness and news through their social media accounts posting pictures from their engagement and the rings.

    Many fans love this new couple, whereas many feel sympathetic towards the Bella.
    Well, now we all congratulate them and wishes them tonnes of happiness together plus Bella good luck for finding a new love partner very soon who will love her truly.