Beth Chapman is in coma Before Her Death, She Passes Away At 51


    ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ star is dead at 51, Before her death, Beth Chapman is in a medically induced coma, and her whole family is by her side in the hospital in Hawaii

    Know Her Story Before Death

    Wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman is in hospital in a medically induced coma. She is suffering from a massive health crisis.

    On 23rd June, it was reported that Beth Chapman is hospitalized in Hawaii.
    As we all know that she has throat cancer and now she is medically induced in a coma. Hence, She is fighting a long battle against throat cancer, and she will be in the hospital for a long time.

    Her mother also flew from the continental U.S. to Hawaii to him with her daughter to take care of her.

    She is struggling with cancer for a long time, and now she was medically induced in a coma. In 2017, she had a surgery to cure, and it was successful, but in 2018 cancer returned, when she needed emergency surgery to remove the tumor from the throat.

    On 23rd June, Beth’s husband Duane Chapman tweeted and asked everyone for their prayers for Beth. Then in next day, he posted a picture of his wife, which is very heart touching.

    Beth Chapman is in coma Before Her Death, She Passes Away At 51

    Now it is reported that Beth won’t be able to recover from her critical condition soon.

    One of the fans tweeted the following after knowing the condition of Beth Chapman :

    “Thank you Dog so much for keeping us well I formed when you can do so. I don’t believe anything that doesn’t come directly from the source. My heart, thoughts, and prayers with you, beautiful Beth and the whole family,”

    We all pray for Beth and wish that she will recover very soon and will be back with all of her fans.