Bethenny Frankel really had her fire balls at “not so sufferable” Luann!!


    Lesseps faces castigation from the RHONY women at the explosive dinner for her narcissistic behavior at Miami. The Real Housewives stars keep on shocking the viewers whenever they are being sent out of the city. Following the ritual this time it’s between Bethenny and Luann. This time Miami witnessed the confrontation between Luann and Frankel at another level.

    Luann being targeted as the main focus for her betrayal to her group. Bethenny during the Bravo series mentions her iconic “Life is not a Cabaret. Life is actually not a Cabaret” pointing the actions of Luann after her coming back from rehab.

    Tinsley Mortimer says- “It didn’t have to come to this. But because you are not listening to us and because you are only focused on yourself, this is where it’s gone”.

    No emotional support!

    Frankel fires another shot at Luann, highlighting the fact that she didn’t even care enough to visit her when Dennis Shields passed away. Ramona Singer multiplied the complaint list by focusing on the fact that Lesseps doesn’t recognize anybody’s struggle. “You are missing her pain! You’re not getting it,” she cried.

    Frankel not ready to stop!

    (Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine)

    Frankel brings over everything she has done for Luann- “I took weeks of my life for you. I had lawyers come to your house on Sunday. I spoke to your kids. I sat outside in your drive away to make sure that you don’t drive your car. You almost crashed the boat and killed your friends”-Bethenny made such shocking revelations. Luann in her defense stated that she was in a good place to which Frankel immediately countered “You left the f-ing rehab that I got you free two weeks early” on which Luann immediately made a correction that it was only a week early. This made Frankel scream to another level- “It was Cabaret, you’re s sicko! For cabaret, you left rehab? I got it free”.

    This fight would have given Frankel a heart-attack!