Beverly Hills 90210: Tori Spelling’s Children Unable To Recognize Her, Hit 90’s Show Gets A Reboot!


    Tori Spelling revealed that her kids didn’t recognize her when she first showed them episodes of the 1996 teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210, in which she starred as Donna Martin.


    The legendary show is getting a reboot on Fox, and Spelling is a part of it. She expressed her gratitude to be part of the restart, dubbed BH90210.

    “I was only 16 years old when the original 90210 started filming. I was too young to understand and appreciate the impact our show would have on our generation and generations to come,” she reminisced. “And, the lifetime bond I would go on to have with all of these actors that became a family to me.”

    “Well, now it is time I get a do-over. At 46 years old, this time, I’m taking the time to appreciate every moment as it happens. #workfamily #bh90210 #grateful.” She shared a photo of her sitting at the set on Instagram.


    Tori Spelling is a mother of five children her husband Dean McDermott, her eldest children, Liam and Stella, could not point their mother out when she showed them the past episodes.

    “So the first time I showed my oldest kids were probably four or five years ago, and they’re 11 and 12 now, and they couldn’t find me in it,” she revealed“ They were watching a scene, and I was like, ‘Okay, where’s Mommy?’ They’re like, ‘There’s Jennie, there’s Ian, and I’m like, ‘And Mom?’ and they’re like, ‘Nope!’” she laughed as she finished retelling the story.

    BH90210 premieres on Wednesday, August 7 on Fox.