Beyonce The Great Mother, A Great Singer And Woman. Everyone Loves Her.


    One of the best female singers in the industry, Beyonce has always mesmerized us with her songs and strong beliefs. Now, she’s stunning the world with her “mommy skills” too.

    Queen B as a ‘hands-on’ mommy…

    Queen B is not just a queen in the music industry but her family also who knows very well how to take care of her children. She’s a hands-on mommy who doesn’t shy away from anything when it comes to upbringing her children in the right and proper manner.

    The Formation singer is a mother to three children- the eldest, Blue Ivy who’s 7 and twins- Rumy and Sir who’re two years old. She has them with her husband, Jay-Z whom she married in 2008. Both of them have kept their personal life, especially anything related to their children, private.

    Beyonce, Jay Z, and Ivy Blue- Getty Images

    The couple gets involved with their children as much as possible…

    A source close to the family revealed that the couple wants their children to grow in a healthy environment. They don’t want them to feel privileged or exclusive just because their parents are icons in the music industry. And the busy couple makes sure to do it by getting involved in their children’s’ lives as possible as they can, doing the ordinary and mundane things for them which everyone finds hard yet endearing to believe.

    Beyonce helps Blue with her school…

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are very involved with their daughter, Blue’s school, and life. Like any normal mom, Beyonce helps Blue with her social life as well as school work, assignments, and extra-curricular activities. She also attends her daughter’s school meets as much as she can.


    Beyonce makes sure to personally drop and pick Blue from her school whenever she can. The insider also revealed that though they have nannies bit when it comes to school things, Beyonce likes to be personally involved. The couple appreciates how normal they are treated, too. They expect their children to be treated the same as everyone else.

    It looks like Beyonce can also be an ideal mom while being an icon to many at the same time.