“Big Brother” Season 21: Fans are disappointed over the camp


    Big Brother is coming back with the Season 21 on Tuesday. After sharing some pictures of the house that the cast will be living in, most of the fans seem to turn away from the theme this year. The Camp theme seems not to appeal to a vast majority of people.

    Camp is in session as this summer’s house is REVEALED!  This season’s “summer camp-themed living” brings the great outdoors in. Check out these four spaces in the new house!” the tweet read out.

    Some fans wrote how “hideous” the decor was, some even went as far as to say that this is the most horrible house that has ever been shown in the series. Some also added how it looks like a”prison.” Some have even called the House “tacky.”

    On the other hand, the decor seems slightly warm and cheerful as it has a perfect nostalgic vibe. The vibrant colors with the heated hardwood floors gives the rooms a rather cozy feeling. We don’t understand what is so wrong with it. It also seems like a lot of the fans are excited with the new and rather different look that the house has this time around.

    But it is safe to assume that when the season will begin in full swing most of the fans will probably be too focused on the ongoing drama to focus much on the insides of the house. We hope to see s’mores, and of course, that campfire seems rather inviting.