Bill and Ted are Back and Here Comes Keanu Reeves with The Movie : Face The Music


    Our famous time travelers are back!! The makers of the Bill & Ted franchise are returning with the third story in their timeline and is called Bill and Ted: Face the Music.

    After their second release in 1991 with the release of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, they are back with this new story. The two characters have constantly been updating the fans regarding the movie, and this is what we know-


    Bill and Ted in their mid-forties, married and with kids are about to be a part of a crazy adventure. Their mission is to write a song to save the world. The problem worsens when a traveler from the future tells them that the song will save not only the world but also the universe!! How will they tackle this situation? Will they be able to save the universe?


    Alex Winter, playing the role of “Bill” informed the audience that Eddie Van Halen, Socrates, and Billy the kid would be the cameo acts in the film. William Sadler will play the role of the Grim Reaper.

    The actors playing the role of their daughters are out. In the film, Brigette Lundy- Paine will be playing the role of Billie Logan whereas Samara Wearing will be Thea Preston.

    Recently, Kid Cudi has confirmed to be a part of the Bill & Ted series. What is his character? well, that is still a mystery. According to Billboards, he said that” These movies were my childhood.”

    The movie is releasing on the 21st of August, 2020.