Billy Drago Died at the age of 73, The Actor from “The Untouchables”


    Billy Drago, the actor from “The Untouchables” died on Monday this week.

    Cause of Billy Drago’s Death

    According to sources he died from complications of a stroke in Los Angela’s, on 24th of June 2019. At the age of 73, it was not something unexpected, but fans are distraught over this news.

    Everything About Billy Drago

    Billy Drago is the stage name for William Eugen Burrows, and he was born on 30th of November in 1945, He is native Kansas. Billy has done more 100 movies and television series. Like “Charmed,” “X files,” “Pale rider,” etc. He had even featured in “You rock my world,” one of the Michael Jackson’s movie album in 2001.

    Billy Drago died at the age of 73, the actor from "the untouchables"

    Known for his roles as a villain like in “Pale rider” and “the untouchables,” these two movies were completely under his control. He is even today very well recognizable by his fans by his character in these movies.

    He married to the American actress in 1980, Sandra Silvana Gallardo. Sandra was the creator of the “Gallardo Method,” a method of acting where an actor can act under no boundaries to the world to infinite possibilities. She was a great person who believed in making the world a better place for everyone.

    Sandra even taught many teens who had given up on their lives and made them believe that the world is still a beautiful place. She died at the age of 58 in 2012 at Jewish Hospital, Louisville. Anyone revealed the cause of her death.

    Billy and Sandra had a son named Darren E. Burrows, born on September 12 in 1966.

    Billy Drago died at the age of 73, the actor from "the untouchables"

    Drago is also an American actor and director. Best known for his character in the television series “Northern Exposure” as Ed Chigliak.
    He is currently living in Missouri Ozark with his wife Melinda Delgado who is a French chef and 4 children.

    On his death actress, Laura Ortiz who had worked along with Billy Drago in “The hills have eyes” in 2006 showed her concern through her Instagram account by posting a picture with him.
    With caption

    “Very saddened to hear the news of Billy Drago passing. He was such an amazing character both on and off the screen. When we were in Morocco filming he’d go off on adventures, and no one knew where he was or how to reach him, but he’d always show up on time for work with amazing stories of getting lost in the desert and the locals he met and stayed with. Lucky to have worked with you on my first job”.