BLACK MIRROR: Does Ashley resemble with Halsey !? Let’s check out the latest story!


    Halsey 24, is a pop singer and has recently twitted about the recent episode of Black Mirror starring Miley Cyrus.

    As we all know Twitter and it’s tweets rules the entertainment world. And here it goes, with the recent release of the latest episode of Black Mirror. This is the fifth season of the popular series “Black Mirror” and Miley is playing the lead character in the recent episode. The episode is trending everywhere and is one of the most controversial episodes of the Black Mirror series till date. Ashley is the lead character played by the pop star Miley Cyrus. The Ashley played by Cyrus deals with the dark side of the stardom, that touches the mental health and instability of emotions and depression.

    After the episode released on Netflix, there was soon a tweet from the pop star Halsey and said, she has Existential Crisis to the character played by Cyrus. She says the reel character resembles with her real-life story.

    Fans reacted very soon to the Halsey’s tweet and also the producers. The producers are seen laughing at Halsey. They’re seen dying due to laughing hard on this tweet. The tweet says “Black Mirror episode about a pop star named Ashley with colorful hair. Existential Crisis: Engage.

    The producers of the show have said, the character Ashley O is not based on Halsey. They also said, that even before writing the episode they have publicly said that they wanted like Miley plays the character, and fortunately, she said she will do it. Also the co-creator of the show Charlie Brooker has a very vague expression of Halsey added the producers.

    Well now after, all this buzz it’s hard to believe in Halsey. The tweet did attract a lot of people but fails to prove how true is it!?
    Anyway, if you haven’t watched the episode, check out Netflix and enjoy your summers!