Black Mirror: Season 5, Everything We know so far Including Rumors


    Black Mirror, a British television series, which was created by Charles Brooker. Brooker noted about each episode having a different reality, different cast, and unusual story.

    Brooker says as they will be related will be the way we all live now, and the way we live a couple of minutes later of we were clumsy. The first series of the Black Mirror was released in the year 2011. And then in 2012-2013, the season 2 was released. In September 2015 Netflix then commissioned a series of 12, episodes which were then turned to be two separate series.

    Black Mirror Season 5

    Then the third and the fourth series were released in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively. As we discussed, all the episodes have different casts and different stories, the episodes are still too thrilling to watch, and each episode seems like an individual movie.

    Black Mirror Season 5 Cast

    The first episode of the season is about the British Royal girl kidnapped, and the kidnapper asks the prime minister to have sexual intercourse with a pig in return of the Royal girl! Exciting right. In the third episode similarly, there are shown people who have chips behind their ears, and they record everything that the person goes through throughout his day and records it.

    One more episode portrays a woman waking up from anesthesia, and when she goes out, she sees people filming her. So goes on the twist inside the episode. There are other such thrilling episodes throughout the series of currently 19 episodes.

    Black Mirror Season 5

    But as per Charlie Brooker, they all are related in the same timeline. As per him, it is more of a psychological universe that links the technology tales together, but the easter eggs scattered across the newest season links, almost all 19 of them together.

    To be aired on the 5th of June 2019 the latest season of the series will bring more mysteries to the light, people are waiting vigorously for the next season. Will there be more connections revealed? Or will there be more twists and turns? the only brook knows.