Black mirror Season 5 Left many question to the fans after its first premiere


    Black Mirror is a British television Science fiction, Anthology and a Thriller series that revolves around a group of people’s personal and professional lives and showcase how technology manipulates their own behaviour. This television series was premiered on 04 December 2011.

    Black mirror Season 5

    Charlie Brooker has done a phenomenal job with all the four seasons of Black Mirror which are way too amazing in all ways possible. No doubt the internet can’t stop talking about the upcoming season.


    This technology-based series never failed to impress their fans with new twists and turns every episode of every season. The season 5 is all set for the grand release on 5 june 2019 with interesting casts and storyline. The appearance of Miley Cyrus is the talk of the town since the news came out. She says it’s an important story that needs to be told, such a realistic take on what it’s like working in the music industry,” she told The Guardian.

    As before, every season came up with the more darker and deeper storyline, this time too the fans are super hungry and waiting for the best to come their plate. This year the season will be shorter than the earlier seasons. Black Mirror has a came a long with the perfection of narration and good acting skills of different actors. It has also received some mixed reviews in the mid seasons yet it has still been ranked in the top 10 best series on Netflix.

    Let’s just wait to see how it rolls on the screens again