Black Mirror Season 6: will there be another season? Here’s all you need to know


    Netflix’s original series, Black Mirror, returned with for Season 5 but will there be another season?

    Season 5 of Black Mirror was recently released with a mere 3 episodes leaving fans craving for more. Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker, who are the creators of the show say that they do have many ideas that they would like to incorporate into the show. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the creators have stated that they would like to continue the show.

    Jones stated that they would like to focus on spinoffs of the different episodes from the previous seasons. Brooker said they were thinking of a possible spinoff for the episode, ‘USS Callister’ from Season 4.

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    Before the release of the latest season, Brooker and Jones released a ‘choose your own adventure’ type episode called ‘Bandersnatch,’ which became a huge hit with fans. Brooker stated in an interview with Yahoo Magazine UK that there is a possibility of many more episodes like this.

    “There are all sorts of other ideas came about during the making of Bandersnatchwhich we may get to in the future. The thing is, if you’re doing an interactive episode, it needs to justify itself. There needs to be a compelling narrative reason as to why you’re using that otherwise, it is just a gimmick,” Brooker said.

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    Black Mirror, which has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2011, always leave the fans wanting for more. The show has presented how technology is affecting our lives, albeit with the help of exaggerated scenarios. Fans of the show have expressed their realizations of how ‘real’ the show is, and how disturbing the truth really is.

    The creators have never had a pattern set for the release of the episodes nor do they stick to the number of episodes per season. Although, it is expected that Season 6 will have six episodes since Season 5 only had three. This has been observed with other seasons, where every alternate season has the same number of episodes.

    Season 5 had famous celebrities in every episode. Pop sensation, Miley Cyrus, was in Episode 3; Anthony Mackie, of Avengers fame starred in Episode 1; Actors Topher Grace and Micheal Scott were features in Episode 2, ‘Smithereens’. Although, celebrities have always enjoyed the limelight, fans prefer to see lesser known actors because it makes it more realistic.

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    Although fans were happy about a new season, they were a little disappointed with the new episodes, because they weren’t as wacky as the last few seasons. Episode 2 however, was liked by fans because of its story. Brooker and Jones might have to work a little harder to wow their fans with the next season (if there is one).


    All episodes of Black Mirror can be binged on online streaming site, Netflix.