Blue blood is one the most popular and watched network drama show of broadcast television. It’s a cop drama where a multi-generational group of cops keeps the law of New York City firm. Frank  Reagan,  the protagonist of the show, leads the police force and his family as well.

    Fans are eagerly waiting to know about the renewal of the drama series. CBS has confirmed the continuation of the saga with Season 10 of Blue blood being released soon. The fans will be happy to know that Tom Selleck is approved to be seen in the new season as he signed the one year deal for the season.

    Blue Bloods is already trending its position at #8 as the most popular network drama being watched over broadcast television. It has been one of the most profit making network drama for CBS TV studios. As informed by the President of the network, Blue Bloods has been amusing its 13 million viewers for the last nine years and “It has been top 10 drama on Fridays top-rated show every year”. People are excited for the 10th season coming soon with season 9 already going showing Janko’s wedding.

    Stars are already pleased and expressing their happiness through social media posts. Donnie Wahlberg along with Marisa Ramirez has been posting videos on Instagram and confirmed the official announcement of season 10. It seems that not only the viewers but the stars of the show are also excited for the coming season. Let’s see what new surprises are waiting for us in the next season!