Breaking Bad Movie, Aaron Paul’s will return but will Walter White return too


    Breaking Bad is an American crime television series which premiered way back in January 2008. And now fans of the series can rejoice because a Breaking Bad Movie has been greenlit and is in production.

    A recap. The story is based in a town of New Mexico. It tells about a struggling and depressed chemistry teacher Walter White who learns that he has stage 3 cancer. Being unable to pay for his medication, he joined hands with his student Jesse Pinkman and entered the world of crime.

    They started producing and selling crystallized methamphetamine. Believing by this, his family will be secured after his death. In the last episode of Breaking Bad season 5, we found Walter White is no more.

    Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

    The movie will show as to what happens to Walter’s former student and partner in crime after his death. Vince Gilligan will write the script for the film. The Breaking Bad movie will be releasing sometime in 2021. Production of the film is in the early stages.

    We can assume that Aaron Paul will be playing as Jesse Pinkman, Jesse Harper as Mrs. Pinkman and Jonathan Banks as Mike. Further, Bryan Cranston likely making a sensational comeback as Walter White.

    It will indeed be a pleasure to watch the movie sequel of Breaking bad after six years of waiting. Fans have to wait till 2021 to have a glimpse of this award-winning television series.

    Breaking Bad season 1 to 5 is now available on Netflix.