Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 7 : everything you should know about!


    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American sitcom, which first aired in 2013 September 17 following numerous seasons based on its success. It was firstly aired by FOX, but FOX cancelled it after season 5, and then NBC renewed it for season 6 and now season 7! That’s what fan’s love isn’t it? Which brings a cancelled show back.

    Created by Dan Goor and Micheal Schur.


    Here, let’s take a walk down the memory lane:
    • Story– The story of Brooklyn nine nine revolves around the detectives of the New York Police Department in Brooklyn’s nine nine Precinct solving serious cases with a taste of humour.
    • Characters-  the story revolves around Detective Jake played by Andy Samberg, Captain Raymond Holt played by Andre Braugher and other supporting characters like Amy Santiago played by Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz who plays Detective Rosa, etc.
    Season 6 ended on May 16, 2019, with Holt being back on and suspending Kelly with the help of Jake and the whole season revolves around this topic. Moreover, Jake and Amy argue on having kids or not, and Terry is hired back.

    What is in the bucket for Season 7?

    Well, the announcement of renewing the series for Season 7 created headlines and great news for both the fans and cast members. The reason behind the renewal can be its fan following, and the series brought the highest rating to NBC ever. The season is heard to be premiered in a mid-season mostly like in starting of 2020. In a press conference, NBC announced 13 episodes but fans are speculating like the last season they may add additional episodes too. Up to season 6, it has completed a total of 130 episodes each having a running time of 21-23 minutes.

    Gina played by Chelsea appeared only in 1-2 episodes last season, so we don’t know maybe this season she will make a comeback or the same small appearance again. So, let’s see and wait what season 7 brings for the Brooklyn 99’s fans.