Brooks Koepka and Jenna Simms are GETTING MARRIED ?



    The two-time winner of U.S open golfer Brooks Koepka is having a good time with his girlfriend, Jenna Simms. Their love story is not something which is left out while talking about sports and love. Brooks and Jenna started dating after just before his first major win and have been dating since then.


    How did these two love birds meet, who knows and honestly who cares? Ever since meeting Jenna Simms the golfer’s luck sure has changed. He won three majors the U.S open in 2017 and 2018 and the PGA championship also in 2018. It can be said that she is something of a good luck charm for Brooks.

    Jenna Brooks is the co-founder of the non-profitable organization pageant of hope. Her mission is to teach children about self-confidence and inner beauty. Jenna also took part in a beauty pageant, but she was unable to win. Who knows if she had won, she would never meet her love, Brooks.

    The couple genuinely loves each other and try to spend time with each other as much as possible. After winning the PGA Championship, the couple shared several victory kisses. After the tournament, Simms posted pic sharing their victory trip to wine country.

    Jenna identifies herself as weird and quirky and says, “I like to make him laugh. I encourage him to be himself”. The couple seems to enjoy themselves and the fact that their rooms include roofs that slide open. Simms also says that she is now used to people calling her “are you Koepka’s girlfriend and says she doesn’t have any problem with it.

    Sims’ friendliness and approachability have no doubt been a positive influence on Koepka. Koepka and Simms are a couple to stan for.