Bryan Tyree Henry in negotiations to be cast in A Quiet Place 2


    Last year’s hit movie, A Quiet Place is back with its second installment. The film which earlier starred John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe might have a new addition. Brian Tyree Henry is reported to join the cast for A Quiet Place 2.

    Credits: IMDB

    No stranger to cinema, Brian Tyree Henry had earlier starred in movies like Child’s Play and Joker. According to the Wrap, the Atlanta actor is in negotiations with the directors. However, there has been no confirmation as to the role he would be playing in the movie. A Quiet Place 2 begins as a sequel to A Quiet Place.

    John Krasinski would be directing the sequel as well. A Quiet Place traced a family’s struggle for survival in a predatory world. The horror/suspense film was a surprise hit and drew in critical acclaim. It was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards and BAFTAs. Krasinski received praise from critics and audience alike for acting and directing the film.

    There has been no information about the plot of A Quiet Place 2. After the success of the first film, the audience are excited for the sequel. Brian Tyree Henry’s addition might be a good addition for the film. The actor had proved his acting chops with his roles in movies like If Beale Street Could Talk. The actor had a voice over role in Spiderman : Into the Spider-Verse.

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    John Krasinski was not sure if he wanted to work on A Quiet Place 2. He eventually changed his mind and came around to the idea. “I had this little idea that I thought of and my producer, again, was very smart and said, ‘Will you just write it down so I can give it to these filmmakers who are coming in to pitch?’ and I said, ‘Yeah’,” Krasinski said of the sequel, “And then after like three weeks he was like, ‘Why don’t you just write this and then we’ll get another filmmaker?’ and of course Jedi mind-tricked me into signing on to the sequel.”