Can Avengers: Endgame beat James Cameron’s blockbuster ‘Avatar’


    Since the release of Avengers Endgame in April, every Marvel fan has sat in anticipation about whether this epic battle will be enough to beat the box office record of Avatar.

    Avengers Endgame has smashed box office records in India and China while also being in second place in the US. In the opening week, the movie

    collected a record-breaking $1.2 billion. With its seventh ongoing week in theaters, it has almost caught up to the world’s highest grossing movie, Avatar. Endgame collected $2.716 billion worldwide, only shy of $72 million.


    The question is will they be able to break the record? The experts and fans have spoken, and the opinions are divided. Some think it is still possible for Marvel’s last chapter in the Infinity saga to win. Box office experts say they can win the title by Labor Day because national and international fans are still buying repeat tickets which are proving to be a massive help in closing the gap.

    Although, skeptics remain negative in their views because they believe Endgame will not beat Avatar’s record. The biggest reason is that theaters have started removing the movie to make room for new ones that will be releasing in the near future. 410 theaters have already replaced it with new movies such as John Wick 3: Parabellum.

    With the release of X-Men- Dark Phoenix, fans are in doubt about the Marvel blockbuster reaching its goal. Although, reviews suggest it is not doing very well in theaters which leaves hope for the Marvel enthusiasts. The Russo Brothers can look forward to beating the $3 billion mark if Disney invests in bigger advertising strategies.

    Credits: Variety

    Everyone is looking forward to the end of the war and wondering whether the death of Tony Stark was enough to beat Cameron’s highest grossing movie ‘Avatar’. Only time will tell how this war ends.