Canadian Singer Shawn Mendes still has a crush on Emma Watson aka Hermoine Granger?


    The ‘Senorita’ singer Shawn Mendes confessed again that he still loves the Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson.

    Who is Shawn Mendes’s celebrity crush?

    The 20-year old Canadian heartthrob confessed his love for the 29-year-old actress Emma Watson during a Q&A with some of his biggest fans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When one of his fans asked him who his celebrity crush is, the young singer-songwriter after a few seconds replied (and that too very cutely) that he still loves Emma Watson.

    “Ahh…I love…Umm…I really just do love Emma Watson still and I’d tell her that!”, he said. He further revealed that when he met her once, he was really embarrassed. Can a guy be any cuter than him? His reply has made many of us, even who are not his fans, swoon over him by just listening to his sweet confession.

    Shawn is an ardent fan of Emma for many years…

    Shawn is a long time fan of the Harry Potter series and has a crush on Emma Watson who played the role of intelligent Hermoine Granger in the series. Emma had won many of our hearts by not just her movies but also the social works in which she actively participates in.

    Emma Watson

    This is not the first time that Shawn has confessed his love for Emma as you can hear the “still” in his reply. In 2016, he has written a post on Twitter tagging Emma Watson in which he wrote ‘OK. Here it is. I love you’. How adorable! But the actor didn’t reply him back.

    “Love isn’t something one should chase”…

    Shawn is still single (Shocking, isn’t it?). In the past, he has admitted that his busy life has stopped him from finding love but if romance comes his way, then he’s open to it. He has said that he didn’t have to be single but love isn’t something one should chase because then it isn’t real.

    Shawn Mendes

    As for Emma, she was most recently linked to Cole Cook, brother of Alicia Keys. The British actress is very private about her personal life and we don’t know much about it. Well, we hope that Shawn soon hears something from Emma in reply to his repeated confessions and if not a romance then at least we can expect friendship between the two in the future.