Cardi B and her strip club controversy! Is it Just a Mere Prank ?


    Cardi B
    Belcalis Almanzor popularly known as Cardi B, is a famous 27-year American singer, rapper, songwriter and even an actress. She rose to fame from her vines in Instagram, and after that, her albums made huge numbers. She even won Grammy, but after all the praises and success the artist always had some controversy to de with.

    Strip club controversy
    So last year in October Cardi B and her two associates were held responsible for attacking two bartenders of Angels Gentleman’s Club in Queens. Her two associates Jackson (36) and Bush (34) supported Cardi B on harassing the bartenders Jade and Baddie G by throwing glasses and hitting one of them in the head plus also accusing Jade of sleeping with her husband Offset. Bush was also held guilty for filming the whole thing.

    Was it plotted?
    It came to light that all of the attack and harassment were plotted and preplanned over a social media platform, the time, the place everything. Even the money exchanged for the work was discussed. The victims stated that their feet were bruised, eyes irritated due to the alcohol thrown at them and others.

    Plea Deal
    On the last hearing, Cardi B was offered a plea deal where if she accepts it, she is free of charges as for now without committing any further offense. But Cardi B rejected it, though her lawyer says that the result will be in favor of Cardi B and there’s nothing to be afraid of. The next hearing is scheduled for June 25th this year.

    Her career
    Though the controversy created quite a fuzz, it seems Cardi B is barely affected by it she released a rap song which hit the charts so high that she even won Grammy for it. Now every case has two sides, though we may know some facts, we don’t know what’s exactly the real truth thus we have to wait until the court’s verdict and Cardi’s reaction to it.