Cardi B charged for a strip club fight in Queens


    U.S. based female rapper Cardi B has been formally charged with assault; this charge is related to a fight at a strip club in queens

    The former stripper named as Bellis Almanzar, who is now known to as a Cardi B. Cardi is one of the best American based rappers. Previously in August, she had faced some misdemeanor charges over a fight at the angel NYC in Queens. After that in October, she was arrested for acting two bartenders in the angels. As the per news reports incident was allegedly triggered after Cardi accused Jade, one of the bartenders for sleeping with his husband offset. Jade claimed that she was injured during the brawl when Cardi started throwing chairs and bottles on them.
    On that statement, Cardi reported that one of the bartenders is having an affair with her husband; that is why she harmed them. The police said that handling Cardi’s anger was very difficult, Cardi and other two bartender were throwing chairs bottle and hookah pipes in the clash.

    Cardi B was initially charged for this behaviour with misdemeanor assault in last October, but there was no previous arrest in New York stated this statement would include an interview.


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    This American based rapper is touching the high sky of success. With the Bodak yellow release, she climbed on the top of the Billboard hot 100 in 2017. And after that, nothing can stop her. Now Cardi has become one of the best rappers in pop and hip hop.

    Last year again she topped the billboard hot 100 lists with her single “I like it,” in this song she has collaborated with two of the most successful and most prominent stars in Latin pop musician, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny. And after that, she has featured in the girls like you by Maroon 5.

    On her way to success, there is nothing which can stop as she has a rare talent. Many people find it hard even to imitate her