Cardi B Says No to More Plastic Surgery, Chooses Exercising Instead


    Cardi B, in a post on Twitter, admitted that she is never getting plastic surgery again. In the last month, Cardi B was under fire for canceling her shows, which she later revealed was due to plastic surgery problems and that she did not care what people thought. She explains in detail how difficult it is for her body to heal without giving it the proper rest required.

    As she shared a picture in her Instagram Story of her swollen feet in a plane, she says how it happens every time and points out “reasons why doctors told me to chill on shows.” Her fans seemed to nudge her to consult her doctors and wish her well.

    It is believed that Cardi B in an Instagram Live Video spoke about how her job demands her very little time to work out, and within that time frame, she has to look a certain way. So she did need to have plastic surgery. It makes one question about society’s expectations and prejudices about the idea of ‘beauty’. Its seemingly far reach effect on both the artists in the entertainment world and our regular life.

    Cardi B

    The claim that she already feels better exercising and no headache seems to assail her. The decision of not getting any more plastic surgery will at least leave her time enough to heal. Her bold single Press reveals her as a woman who is confident in her body as she is.

    We hope that she remains strong, sassy as she is and gives herself the attention and heals. Nothing is more important than one’s health, after all.