Catch up with the latest in The 100 season 6? Why The Latest Episode Baffled up.


    The 100 is a well known American series based on post-apocalyptic science fiction. The first season of the series was released on March 19, 2014. The basis of the series is on the book was written by Kass Morgan of the same name. And the series is developed by Jason Rothenburg. It is a great catch for a science fiction lover. In 2019 the 6th season is going to air.

    The 100 Season 6 Episode 5

    Season 1 to Season 5 of The 100

    Before we move to season 6 discussion, let’s do a quick recap till season 5. Basically, the story is about the 100 people who survived the apocalypse and the first people of space habitat from the space station Ark. They come to the earth after 97 years and meet Grounders and Reapers and thus the first season revolves around it.
    • In the second season, 48 remain out of the 100, and they come to know about Mountain Men’s intention.
    • In the 3rd season, there is a war between Pike and Grounders.
    • In the 4th season, we see nuclear reactors melting down, indicating another apocalypse.
    • In the 5th, we see six years after the apocalypse how they survive and all.

    Coming to the 6th season of The 100

    Now finally coming to the 6th season, the first episode of which released on 30 April following weekly release on every Tuesday, the season comprises of total 13 episodes.

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    The latest episode which released was the 6th episode on 25 June named “ The Old man and The Anomaly”. As we see after 125 years, they are in Cryosleep ruled by the Primes, where they find a new opponent to deal with called the “Children of Gabriel.” From the last episode there are many things that are arising out of curiosity such as what is exactly the anomaly, how did Clarke recover from death and the mind wiping of Josephine, will she be able to relate to her history ever? Season 6 has absolutely interesting and full of twists, hopefully in the next episode that is on 9 July will take us to our answers.