Celine Dion Shocks Everyone With Her Looks In Paris, FANS BAFFLED UP


    Paris Couture Week is just one day away, and Celine is putting up her fashion show. The singer surprised everyone when she stepped out in an off-white ensemble.


    The look which Dione adopted was introduced in a Fashion show in Paris just a week ago. Celine being a big fan, wearing the full dress with an oversized blazer and everything. She has been seen wearing some outfits that will blow you away.

    Dione was seen wearing a $6,000 Chanel black unitard on the streets of Paris. The superstar singer has been seen wearing a lot of fabulous clothes lately. The singer was looking gorgeous, wearing a channel logo belt and black sunglasses.

    Celine recently took criticism of being too skinny. Dione, a mother of three, says that she wants to look sharp, beautiful, feminine, and sexy.  Her wardrobe took a different route when she was seen wearing a feathers-and-fur ensemble.

    She wore an Attico-top with ostrich feather dyed pink which costs nearly $2,000. She completed her looks with white sandals, which had a furry pink, white strap. It is safe to say that either she is on stage or anywhere in the world; she is a style icon.

    Celine’s fans were concerned about her slim figure, but she assured them that she is just taking great ballet lessons. Celine is not afraid of showing her skinny body and likes to own what she truly is. She is in true meaning a personality to follow for confidence.

    Dion looks and her style is different from others, and she has shown that to the world in Paris. Celine is in town for European Leg of her world tour next up she will be in London.