Charlie’s Angel are Back With a Boom? But It Doesn’t Seem that Remake is Worth It?


    The long-awaited Charlie’s Angel reboot trailer dropped on Thursday and it surged the hype for the movie. Charlie’s Angel reboot is filled with new caste and a subversive plot to make the film a blockbuster.


    The remake will be lead by the iconic trio of Kristen Stewart, Alladin’s Naomi Scott and British newcomer Ella Balinska. Except for our angels, Noah Centineo, Patrick Stewan and Djimon Hounsou are also in the film. Stewart is famous to star in a major series Twilight but her co-stars are rather new to Hollywood. Naomi was the star in her first blockbuster Aladin and Elle has starred in some short films but this will be her first big debut in Hollywood.

    Charlie’s Angel reboot is different from the previous films. The film aims to attract audience domestically as well as Internationally. The studio believes that this time the movie will have a strong leg overseas. Director Elizabeth Banks says that while she was developing the movie, she was open in making the movie R rated. The movie was supposed to release in October 2019 but was pushed to a few weekends and will release in November 2019.


    Charlie’s Angel reboot will not be a remake the original rather it will be a continuation of the franchise. This movie will explore more than what we have seen in the Angels universe. The success of the first agency has led to the establishment of more new agencies around the world. Therefore, there will be more than three angels.

    Banks says that movie will also focus on these angles working together to take down bad guys. Elizabeth has promised that the action will be more than any previous films and the movie will remind them of actions like in mission impossible. The film surely promises a lot of things to the fans and the fans hope that it will deliver all of that.