Chasing Happiness: Get to know about the Jonas Brothers & how came to be in the new Amazon Prime documentary


    A new film Chasing Happiness based upon the Jonas Brothers on Amazon Prime has been premiered and the movie will show the journey of all three brothers from the time they were growing old to the time they reunited themselves and formed their popular band.

    The Jonas Brothers are popularly known for its Jonas Brothers pop rock band. It was formed in 2005. Jonas Brothers consist of 3 brothers namely Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. They are popularly know for their appearance on the Disney Channel television network.

    In between all of three broke up but in February 2019, They announced their official comeback through their documentary Chasing Happiness. They have recently released a documentary on their journey with the name “Chasing Happiness” on Amazon Prime Videos. Its trailer is already out. It is premiered on 4th of June 2019. It has received a positive response.

    It is based upon the story of Jonas Brothers from their childhood to now. How they found their obsession and passion for music then how they formed their band and then broke up and now how they have reunited. Its trailer was very emotional, It made their fans emotional about their story. Chasing Happiness will show how the Jonas Brothers have earned fame through their humble roots.

    This film is directed by John Lloyd Taylor. It will give the viewers a close view of ups and downs that Jonas Brothers have faced until now moreover their personal life i.e what they have been through to get this goodwill.