Child’s Play ending confirmed, Mark Hamill will be back as Chucky


    American actor, Mark Hamill is known for playing the role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. Hamill is also known for his voice for Joker in Batman: The Animated series. This time he took a challenging role of voicing the evilest toy ever. He will be providing his voice to the murderous doll Chucky.

    Who was the earlier voice of Chucky?

    Earlier, American Oscar-winning actor Brad Dourif was the voice of Chucky. He was in the original movie Child’s Play, which was released in 1988. Dourif remained as the voice of Chucky, for last six sequels.

    Who is Chucky?

    Chucky is originally a Buddi doll. The doll is possessed by the spirit of a cold-blooded serial killer. He transferred his soul into the doll by black magic while he was dying.

    What is the story of the Child’s Play 2019?


    Andy (Gabriel Bateman) received a present from his mother (Aubrey Plaza) when they moved to a new city. Andy was hearing-impaired. Thus he was having trouble in making friends. So his mother decides to buy him a technologically advanced Buddi doll. Andy named him Chucky. Soon Chucky became Andy’s best friend. Suddenly, the doll started moving and killing people. Now, Andy and his friends are on a mission to stop Chucky, the living Buddi doll who kills people.

    How did the audience react to the new voice of Chucky?

    The audience appreciated Hamill’s voice as the new Chucky. His voice seems to fit perfectly well for the new Chucky in the movie Child’s Play 2019.
    This remake of Child’s Play has been surprisingly one of the best horror movie in 2019.

    Chucky, one of the most iconic comedy-horror character of all time, is back to scare you again. The movie Child’s Play was released in the United States on the 21st of June, 2019.