Child’s Play: Mark Hamill did complete justice to Chucky’s voice, Fans say!!


    Good stories are meant to be told over and over. These stories always succeed in entertaining the audience.  Well, this is exactly what Mark Hamill believes in…..

    The Star Wars actor has always taken up interesting and unique projects every time. He is a superstar in true senses. Recently, Hamill came up with Child’s Play now running successfully in theaters. The film is a remake of the original 1988 classic. The story revolves around a doll named Chucky, an evil character.

    There have been lots of arguments regarding the release of films like”CHILD’S PLAY”. Some people think remakes of these classics should not be made. But to everyone’s surprise, the film’s release brought a massive amount of appreciation for Hamill.

    Mark Hamill’s voice for this iconic character is very suitable, fans say. They are extremely flattered by Hamill’s way of using his tonality in an innocent manner for Chucky. When the actor was asked about his experience, Hamill says, “he’s totally drawn in by the idea of a toy as a force for evil.”… “Children have imaginations and they run wild,” he says.

    Apparently, Hamill is in love with the art of voice over. The star continued the interview and commented, “You can be more emphatic, a little more over the top. … You’re liberated to make choices that you would never make on camera.” when asked about his voice over talent.

    Child’s Play ending makes it clear that we can experience Mark Hamill’s beautiful voice in the next squeal for sure. Filmmakers want to en-cash Hamill’s huge fan following thus making Chucky’s character a super hit.  This is really good news for Hamill fans as they will get to listen to his voice very soon again.

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