Chivalry 2, the sequel of this game will be launched by the year 2020


    Chivalry 2, the sequel of Chivalry will be launched by the year 2020. There will be an addition of horses in it and the count of players will be increased to 64 which means there will be a greater number of participation. It shall be available on Epic Games Store.

    About Chivalry 2

    The video game by the name of Chivalry has arrested the gamers’ interests by offering them a chance to feel the battalion of the virtual world. The sequel which has been named Chivalry 2 has been announced to coming in the Epics Game store by 2020.

    What new could be expected from the sequel Chivalry 2?

    It is heard that Chivalry 2 will be adding horses to the medieval battlefield. The setting otherwise, the backdrop in more formal terms, will not be altered, which means the time period is that of the medieval age. The additional elements would include the doubling of players which will be up to 64 players in total. However, the addition of horses in the battlefield is being considered as the most important and a major addition as wars of the primordial times were not subjected to technology and thus, weaponry also included horses as well. the addition of hoses in the battlefield is to burgeon the realistic appeal of the game on a whole. With the usage of horses it will be a cakewalk for the players to pulverise their rivals. the fictional world of Chivalry 2 will somewhat be analogous to the world of Game of Thrones with weapons and dire wolves will be substituted by horses.

    The description of the setting hints the gamers that the setting of the battlefield will be given a finishing touch in the up coming version of Chivalry. Torn Banner and Tripwire interactive have informed that Chivalry 2 will be rolling into Epic Games Store by the year 2020 and will remain there for twelve month exclusively.